When selling property, most people do not see the benefit of hiring a conveyancer. In their view, conveyancing costs will reduce their profit margins as they sell their property. However, this is not the case since there are numerous benefits of hiring a conveyancer as you sell a property. These benefits include the following. 

Home Improvements And Staging

The conveyancer's first task is to ensure that you get top dollar for your home. As such, they will conduct a preliminary inspection and advise on improvements that can increase the property's value. For instance, minor renovations such as repainting the property, decluttering the house and ensuring a healthy lawn can woo customers into viewing and purchasing the property. 

The conveyancer will also offer invaluable advice on where you should advertise the property and what information clients will be looking for. Besides, they will inform you the best times to sell your home. 

Assessing The Legality Of The Property

The conveyancer will assess your property to ensure it meets the required legal guidelines. For instance, they will ensure that you have an occupation certificate to prove that the house is compliant with the building code. If you have renovated the property in the past, you could need a renovation permit. The conveyancer will also sort out issues with your title. For instance, they will transfer the property to your name if it is registered to a testator or a dead or divorced spouse. 

Appraising The Property And Negotiating The Asking Price

An experienced conveyancer can appraise the property to help you determine a suitable asking price. Typically, the asking price should be higher than the appraisal value to give customers room for negotiations. 

Most buyers will have conveyancers to represent their interests as they purchase a property. Therefore, it would be wise to have a conveyancer to give counter offers and read the buyer's mood. Your conveyancer can tell if the buyer is desperate. In this case, they will stick to the asking price until the buyer gives a reasonable offer. 

Drafting The Contract Of Sale 

In most cases, the seller's conveyancer is in charge of drafting the contract of sale. Your conveyancer will ensure that the agreement protects your interests. For instance, they will ensure that the closing date is within a few weeks. It guarantees you have adequate time to sell the property if the buyer cannot secure financing. Besides, the conveyancer could sell the property on an "as is" basis. Simply put, you will not have to renovate or improve the property. 

When hiring a conveyancer, conduct a background check to ascertain their reputation, specialisation and experience. Besides, read the terms and conditions of the engagement contract. 

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